Do I need insurance?

-Yes!!! It is important that you are adequately insured when on the slopes, if not a fall could be costly. Firstly check your travel documents, or with your insurance provider, to see whether or not you are adequately covered. Usually if you have travel insurance you will have to pay your treatment costs, then send the receipts of to your insurance provider to claim them back.

For UK residents, having European health card (EHIC) or UK Global Health insurance card (GHIC) can be useful if your injury requires a hospital stay as a large percentage of the costs can be covered by this. But this does not replace travel insurance.

If you do not feel you are adequately covered you can purchase “Carré Neige” insurance with your lift pass.

Advantages :

  • Flat daily rate for any stay from 8 and 21 days
  • Covers ski and all other winter sports
  • No fee advance to make in the event of rescue (only if the compulsory ticket with Carré Neige is presented at the moment of the rescue)
  • Combined insurance and rescue cover in one policy
  • On-line declaration and claim service
  • Global cover limit of €50 000, with a maximum one-off excess fee of €50 per claim (within the guarantees limits indicated in the spreadsheet and the guarantees enclosed in the documents below).
  • Comprehensive cover guaranteed from the first day of purchase

So what does that actually mean in real terms ?

For example, « Carré Neige » covers you in the event of:

  • Accident while skiing or doing other winter sports in the ski area including the off-piste ski area that is accessible via ski-lift
  • Accident while doing sledge
  • Sickness during your stay
  • You being immobilised as a result of an accident while skiing or doing other winter sports. « Carré Neige » will cover your repatriation.

You can add Carré Neige insurance onto your pass for just €3.30. Full details can be found at

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