It’s pointless dreaming of a shoe collection like Imelda Marcos when you’re in the alps, it’s just not practical, delicate shoes and heels don’t cut it in a snowy setting.

So, what else can an alpine fashionista indulge in to add character to their outfit and quench their shopping thirst ? The answer – Hats, hats and more hats. Different colours and styles, enough to match every outfit. There is plenty of choice, stroll in to any high street clothes shop and their new winter collections will be waiting to tempt you. The classic beanie hat is still the mainstay of alpine headwear and there are a multitude of variations to suit all tastes from insulating merino wool to chunky knits. Over the last few seasons the beanie has evolved and grown in to the oversized or slouch beanie, a favourite with resort workers.

A common addition to the beanie is a bobble or pom pom. Usually a woolly affair but if you are looking to fit into the Courchevel 1850 scene, the top end luxury market offers a faux fur bobble often accompanied with a sprinkling of diamante around the hat for that extra bling. For those not content with just one, it’s now possible to get hats with two bobbles. You can even get hats with ears for a fun twist!

Traditional with the Russians and now more common in the main market is the fur hat. Whether its a cossack hat, a trapper hat or even a fury head band, fur is being added where ever it can and they can all be found in mainstream shops. The trapper hat now comes in many guises with the outer material being anything from leather, tweed, canvas to wool. And just for good measure a bobble is sometimes added too.

On a night out and dressing to impress there are glammed up versions of the common beanie available. More luxurious knits, decorative additions and peaks all give a slightly classier feel. A classic beret also looks stylish as well as making you feel at home with the French locals.

Technically not a hat, helmets are now an essential part of any alpine wardrobe. There is an ever increasing choice so it’s possible to coordinate helmets with the ski / board outfit and style.

If coordination is your thing then it’s now possible to match your hat to other cosy accessorises such as scarves, gloves and mittens to give you the complete ‘winter chic’ look.

  1. Torah Bright Beanie, £30.00, Roxy
  2. Bones Beanie by The North Face, £19.99, Ellis Brigham
  3. Reversible Knitted Buff and Hat combination, £35.00, Buff
  4. Billabong Rudy Beanie, £22.99, Surfdome
  5. Barts Wilhelm Beanie, £22.99, Ellis Brigham
  6. Thinsulate Fairisle Beanie, £20.00, Accessorize
  7. McLain Sheepskin Beanie Trapper with Pom-Pom, £150.00, Ugg
  8. Knitted Buff and Matching Hat, £29.00 each, Buff
  9. Snowflake Knitted Trapper, £25.00, Fat Face 
  10. Barts Fur Cable Band Hat, £35.00, Ellis Brigham
  11. Fjallraven Peaked Beanie, £42.00, Snow and Rock