Ski Glossary

December 5th, 2019|

 Browse through our master list of skiing and snowboarding slang, as well as a mixture of snow-related words and terminology for you to 'wow' people with your wisdom on the slopes!  Aerials - Freestyle ski jumping involving flipping in the air.  Biff - A near fall in which the skier

La Tania Lift Passes – Insurance ?

November 7th, 2018|

Do I need insurance? -Yes!!! It is important that you are adequately insured when on the slopes, if not a fall could be costly. Firstly check your travel documents, or with your insurance provider, to see whether or not you are adequately covered. Usually if you have travel insurance you will have to pay your treatment costs, then

Card Payments

April 20th, 2018|

Credit and Debit Cards Currently to pay by debit or credit card an email invoice including a link needs to be sent to you. To do this please drop us an email to to let us know you wish to pay by card (and if the amount you wish to pay differs from the deposit or balance amount).

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